Un sorriso per la giusta dose di spaghetti

Design: Tommaso Colia for Lettera G
All rights reserved

Lettera G
Via Ozanam, 35
20049 Concorezzo (MI)


Mangiaspaghetti weighs your dry spaghetti on the basis of how much space it takes up.
This gadget infact has three holes, which represent three different portions.
Moreover there are three cute little faces above the holes which are basically three mouths, which remind how much pasta you are going to eat.

The three holes represent three different portions of pasta you can eat.
The biggest hole-mouth represents approximately 100g (about 3.5 oz ) of spaghetti, an abundant portion for one.
The second hole represents a normal portion for one (70g, about 2.5 ounces).
The third one represents a small portion (50g, about 1.8 ounces).
With fettuccine, bucatini, tagliatelle e maccheroni alla chitarra portions may vary.

The cute little face above the 100 gram hole reminds you are eating a larger than necessary portion.
The face in the middle says you are eating more healthy, and the face on the right holds a child’s portion, or just a snack for an adult!

Material: Glossy steel /white/red
Dimensions: cm 19,5 x 6 x 0,4 h